Friday, December 16, 2011


IMs with Queen B.


Queen B -  2:00 pm:    
btw, did I ever tell u that u remind me of the girl in Twilight. haha

 Me -  2:00 pm:     
What??? Why?

Queen B  - 2:00 pm:     
Not looks wise  but her personality.  haha

Me -  2:01 pm: 
OMG.  It's the worst acting ever... and now your saying my normal personality is like badly acted teenage angst? Fuck My Life

Queen B -  2:01 pm:  
Dude, I'm saying she's extremely laid back & nonchalant in the movie.

Me -  2:02 pm:  
Well, I think I only saw it once and I was so horrified by the tween love I couldn't concentrate. What brought that up? Are you watching it now or something?

Queen B 2:02 pm -  
haha I got the bootleg of the newest one.

Me -  2:03 pm:  
The one where she's pregnant?

Queen B 2:03 pm -    

Me -  2:03 pm:  
I heard that movie sucked more than all the others combined

Queen B - 2:04 pm:  
It was ok. Not my fav,  but I only paid $5 for the bootleg.

Me -  2:04 pm:  
You bought the bootleg? From who? I don't think I have ever been presented with a bootleg movie to buy

Queen B -  2:05 pm: 
This Asian guy. My work BFF buys movies from him all the time, so now he stops by with his collection for me. haha

Me -  2:06 pm:  
And where did the Asian guy come from? Does he work there? The streets?  Your office building boggles my mind... It's like that time the hooker got arrested pressed against your window.

Queen B  - 2:06 pm:  
Well,  my work BFF also has a 2nd job at a parking garage around the corner.
He works nights so that's how he met the Asian guy & got his phone #. So I told him to call the guy to see if he had Breaking Dawn  & my work BFF went over to the garage & bought it for me

Me -  2:08 pm:  
Seriously? That is the shadiest thing I have heard in awhile.

Queen B  - 2:08 pm:  

Me -  2:08 pm:  
Well good job dick.

Queen B -  2:08 pm:  
I am awesome

Me -  2:08 pm:  
Just try not to get arrested or shot in your crazy office.

Queen B  - 2:08 pm:  
Do you wanna borrow it?  I can drop it off on my way home

Me -  2:08 pm:  
No,  I'm good. I only saw the first movie and that was enough.

Queen B  - 2:09 pm:  
I have all of them. I can drop off the whole series & u can have a marathon over the weekend.

 Me -  2:09 pm: 
I can't even watch the harry potter movies and they are about a billion times better produced then the twilight saga... Better storyline, better actors, better everything. 

Queen B  - 2:09 pm: 
How about I drop off all the movies & u just give them a chance.

Me -  2:10 pm: 
The twilight books weren't that good... so I doubt very much the movies are spectacular. PLUS, all those fucking actors and actresses are weird looking

Queen B -  2:10 pm:  
You have to watch from the first to the last in their entirety. Give them a chance asshole.

Me -  2:10 pm:  
I feel like the whole world is sniffing glue.

Queen B  - 2:10 pm
Can I drop them off to you?

Me -  2:10 pm:  
How is Robert Patterson a heartthrob? How? Riddle me that.

Queen B  - 2:11 pm: 
He's not too good looking, but I guess it's his role. Idk.  I don't get it, but chicks love him.

Me -  2:11 pm: 
His fucking head is weird looking... there is something fucked up about his face.  And no one seems to notice. The little wolf boy isn't much better... his face is all squished in

Queen B  - 2:12 pm:  
Dude I'm not looking at his face his body is sick

Me -  2:12 pm: 
I guess cause he never wears a shirt no one notices his face...

Queen B -  2:12 pm: 
You hardly see his body in this new one just real quick in the beginning.

Me -  2:12 pm:  
PLUS, has it just missed everyone that the movie is glorifying stalking and pedophilia?
Isn't the vampire dude like 100 and he wants to bone a teenager? That's statutory rape!

Queen B -  2:14 pm: 
True love has no age limit dick.

Me -  2:15 pm: 
Really? so you're gonna defend when the wolf boy falls in love with the newborn infant cause its "true love"?     That is some sick and twisted shit right there. I think that author Stephanie whoever has some serious daddy issues.

Queen B  - 2:18 pm:  
Dude he imprinted on her, he can't help it. I am def dropping off the movies.  You are watching them  before you judge

Me -  2:18 pm:  
I read the books dick, I know what happens

Queen B  - 2:18 pm:  
You can't just watch parts of the 1st movie & criticize them that's your assignment for this weekend

Me -  2:18 pm: 
So you're saying these movies have good acting?

Queen B  - 2:19 pm:  
Not the best...but i love them.  the girl is prob the worst one out of all the actors

Me -  2:19 pm: 
And that there aren't any majorly disturbing flaws with the story line?

Queen B  - 2:19 pm:  
But as long as you know that going into it, you'll be fine. That's why it's a MOVIE asshole! It's fake!

Me -  2:20 pm: 
Right its a fake movie brainwashing tweens into wanting to have sex with 100 year old men who stalk them. And that it is OK if your BFF falls in love with your 16 and pregnant baby because its fate motherfucker!

Queen B  - 2:20 pm:  
Dude, just tell me u will watch them.

Me 2:21 pm - 
Uggggg fine. But i'm doing it under protest.


Hopefully your plans are more productive than mine!

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