Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Interview Etiquette 101

I see a lot of stuff online about interview etiquette. Stuff like "Dress to Impress" or "Smile" or "Don't be an Asshole"... It's a little insane how many articles there are out there with the same advice over and over and over. It made me think of the last time McLovin had an interview.

He was applying for a job within the same company so he knew the guy who was interviewing him.


Txts Before interview:

McLovin - Should I start the interview with "Hey, haven't I seen you naked?"

Me - Probably... It would be a good ice breaker.


Txts After interview:

McLovin - OK, the interview went well. I hope I get the job.

Me - I knew it would go well. If you have won a starring contest with someone's taint it's pretty hard to fuck up the interview.

McLovin - touché


Just to clear up the whole naked thing.

The company has a gym. Sometimes people go to the gym at lunch. Sometimes people use the showers after the gym. Some people like to cover up immediately after taking a shower. Some other people like to wander around the locker room naked as a jay bird making everyone else uncomfortable. Sometimes those naked people like to engage in conversations with clothed people as if they are fully clothed.

So you see, opening with "I have seen you naked" would have been true in this case. It's probably not the best opener if you want to land the job though.

I know in America we are a little uptight about the nude thing. But honestly if I work with someone I really don't want to know how they shave their bush. Also please at least have some type of bottom on before bending over... I do not need a glimpse into your black hole.   

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