Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Me - So I had a nightmare last night that Kim Kardashian's mom destroyed my chap stick. I mean who does that shit? I was really pissed off when I woke up this morning.

Queen B - Dude. That is so random.

Me - The weirdest part was she destroyed it because she thought I was hitting on Kim's husband... Who is now her ex... But in my dream they were still married. When really the only reason I was talking to him was to find out what type of shoes I should buy... flats, heals or strappy sandals. That lady is a menace... she has to be stopped

Queen B - The weirdest part about that whole description is that you were talking to someone about shoes.

 Me - Well to be fair... I was asking because I had no idea what type of shoe to buy... and I was asking a dude who had no idea either.... apparently even in my dreams I'm not fashion forward.

Queen B - True

Me - I'm hoping tonight I dream that I stab a bitch... you don't mess with someones chap stick... this isn't over Kim's mom!

Queen B - Nice. I hope the saga continues.

Me - I'll keep you posted

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