Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Penguins... The Dirty Cover Up

McLovin - Did you hear? Penguins are pervs.

Me - No, but now I'm intriged. Go on...

McLovin - Apparently there was a study back in 1910 when they went to the poles.... and they were appalled by their behaivor and didn't publish the info until now.

Me - Really... That txt is the equivalant of a cock tease. What is this super secret penguin perv intell!?!?!?

McLovin - Here is the article: Pervy Penguins Read At Your Own Risk

Me - Well there you have it. I always knew that "March of the Penguins" documentary was covering up a dark secret.

McLovin - Who knew that their tuxes covered up such debauchery.

Me - The bigger question is how did the French film crew benefit from covering up this behavior?

McLovin - I guess lots of used tissues.

Me - It would be just like those dirty penguins to pay them off in flipper-jobs. And then they sold the film as family friendly! The outrage!

The ugly face of bestiality...

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