Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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The Question: Should civil society protect the ugly???

Really? Is this what is being studied these days? Shouldn't we be spending our time curing cancer or feeding the hungry or something?

I apologize if you got beat down with the ugly stick but come on. Suck it up buttercup. Everyone gets fat, old and wrinkly... consider being fugly early a head start on the downhill slide from youth. Unless of course you look at those mummified botox freaks... That shit isn't natural. Eventually the botox will reach their brains and that's where zombies come from.

And relax this news isn't coming from a perfect 10... I have a bulbous forehead that would probably be considered attractive back in the day when women shaved their hairlines, but today is called a "10 head". I come from a short round people who like to eat and drink and make merry. Kind of like hobbits but without the hairy feet.

I learned some new British slang!!!! And it is glorious!
(This word is brought to you by Top Gear... who knew McLovin's fascination with a British car show could pay off.)

Growler - British slang for a woman's hairy beaver... as in Earth Momma Muff... I am so excited by this new term I feel like I should grow out my lady garden in celebration!

Supposedly it isn't a very complimentary term but I say we take the word back! For example... next time McLovin gets sassy with me I can say...

"Keep it up and I'll sic my Growler on you!"
"You want to mess with me??? POW .... Growler... In Your Face!"
"You better watch your tone, my Growler is feeling confrontational!"

What will your Growler say? 

Also... in honor of Growlers everywhere... this NSFW video... Spread the word!

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  1. My theory is that even if you are not beautiful as long as you take care of yourself you will look fine - brush your teeth, wash your face, etc. Simple hygiene goes a long way. I am going to try and use growler in a sentence everyday! Love it. And love the video too!