Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Dreamed A Dream

McLovin: Last night I had a dream that a demonic ghost cat was attacking me... and when i woke up i had a big scratch on my arm.

Me: Looks like you failed.

McLovin: No way... I got away with just a scratch. That demonic cat would have ripped anyone elses head off.

Me: I once had a dream that I got bite by a vampire and it turns out it was a spider biting my neck... so I lost in my dream and in reality.

McLovin: If you were a vampire I would let you turn me.

Me: Really? That's nice. even if I was a sparkly twilight vampire?

McLovin: No way those vampires are pussies... Who sparkles in the sun?

Me: So I can turn you, but only if I am the right kind of vampire? It doesn't sound like you're upholding your wedding vows. "Till Death do we part"

I'm pretty sure the wedding vows got axed once you went and got made into the undead. If you were a sparkly vampire I would insist on becoming a werewolf.

Me: I'm pretty sure in those book you have to be a born Native American of a specific tribe.

Well that seems racist... Haven't they heard of the anti-discrimination acts? I have equal rights to become a werewolf.

Me: So basically what your saying is, if I ever got turned into a "normal" vampire who doesn't sparkle in the sun I can turn you... but if I sparkle you will take the mythological werewolves to court for equal rights to be turned into a werewolf.

McLovin: Yes because vampires sparkling in the sun in a load of horseshit.

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