Monday, April 23, 2012


I have discovered that birds are awake and chirping at 2 am. 

WTF birds! It's not even close to sunrise.

Do you think birds get high and hallucinate that the moon is really the sun and then they're all, "Holy shit I overslept!" So they start chirping to play it off like they are totally cool and not high at all?

But then the older birds wake up and realize it's 2am and the fucking Mocking Jay is tripping balls again.

So they decide the neighborhood is obviously going to shit and they make a mental note to migrate somewhere different next year. Since Mocking Jays chirping at 2am obviously can't be trusted.

I can't be sure, but that is what I imagine is happening right now.

PS. - McLovin informed me that a Mocking Jay isn't a real bird. Apparently it is a fictional bird from the Hunger Games books. Which I have not had a chance to read yet.

Either way the type of bird wasn't really the issue. The issue is that the war on drugs has now reached the wildlife population and they are having a rave outside our bedroom window at 2am complete with glow sticks.

PPS - McLovin remains unimpressed with this news.

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  1. LMAO! Girl you always make me smile, even on my worst days! Thank you for that :)