Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Once I found out I was pregnant (finally for the love of God!) a good friend of mine started OBSESSING about names. I remember when she had her kids it was the same thing... and some of the choices were just awful... but I would agree anything was cute. It was easier then arguing and really they weren't my kids... so what did it matter if I loved the name or not.

And the problem is.. people ALWAYS have an opinion. And you know what... What I or someone else names their kids isn't really anyone else's business. I haven't always loved other people's choices... but the name grows on you and then you can't imagine the child with any other name.  No Offense but I worked HARD for this baby... so I have earned the right to name it whatever we want without listening to the bank tellers opinion. Unless your these people... Then ok, maybe your child name decision making abilities should be questioned. 

This is why it is absolutely necessary to find ridiculous names early... Or come up with bizarre reasoning behind your naming process. People will get so disgusted that they will stop trying to give you there two sense.
Here is a typical convo about... names:
Queen B: What names have you picked?

Me:     We haven't really gotten serious about the names.

Queen  B:      I could punch you in your head.  You have been dying to get pregnant, and now you are and you aren't into names yet??? WTF.

Me:     Cause why get all excited about a girl name and find out your having a boy. It's a total waste of energy.

Queen  B: So, does McLovin still like Lorelei?

Me:     Yeah, I mean I don't think that it's the #1 girl choice but, he doesn't hate it like some people...

Queen  B: How about  Alyssa it means noble/truth.

Me:      It's cute except McLovin used to wank it to Alyssa Milano... and that shit is just weird. You can't name your kid after someone in your spank bank.

Queen  B: What about Brynn? It means Fiery Hill, Sword Blade.

Me: Yes we want "her" to have a name that means... I have a vagina but if you fuck with me I will rip your face off with my mother-fucking sword skills. Good choice.

Queen  B:    Dude no one really cares about the meaning.

Me: Well that's good since your daughter's name means Boomerang.

Queen  B: Yeah and my name is Dutch for an alcoholic beverage.

Me: No, it's Dutch for the only reason your Dad was able to touch your mothers naughty bits. haha.

Queen  B: Fuck Off! DUDE... Lorelei. The name of the river goddess who lured sailors to their deaths... such a nice name.

Me: If it is a girl... I want her to have a name that says... "Hi... I am a girl... but I will fuck your shit up." I feel like watery death goddess says that... It says it in spades.

Queen  B: I don't know why I even try to help you.



And for the curious the she is a he so really this whole conversation was pointless.


  1. Yay on a boy! Good luck with names, we had a hell of a time.

  2. I had a hard time picking a name. In pre-op (I had a c-section) I still hadn't decided. Congrats on the boy and good luck with the name.

  3. Your blog really does make me laugh. So glad you decided to keep on blogging after your bfp!

    Congrats! I think you and McLovin will have a whole lotta fun naming your son!!! (",)