Monday, March 28, 2011


OK I'm not real big into celebrities and their private lives, but in recent years babies have become the new "it" thing...

Kind of like when Paris Hilton made it ok for EVERYONE to walk around with a sweater wearing Chihuahua in their purse. Except babies are a lot more permanent... (and they grow up to write tell all books!!!!)

The problem with celebrities and their babies for me is that everyday people look at celebrities as "role models". (Plus, what is up with the names... Apple? Coco? These are foods not baby names! I'm coo coo for Coco Coxs!)

In recent years there have been a few Celebrities that have been very honest about their struggles with infertility. I applaud them for their honesty because I know how hard infertility can be and telling the entire world your infertile trumps me telling my mother. (not something I am looking forward to.)

So when Mariah Carrey (41) and her husband announced they were having twins I didn't really care.... until they said they conceived naturally... That's when my bullshit meter went off.

Here's the thing... after the age of 40 your chances of conceiving naturally are below 50%... and she didn't just conceive one baby "naturally"... she conceived twins. I'm not saying ALL twins are the product of fertility treatments... but some are... and after the age of 40 if your popping out twins I'm gonna jump to the infertile - conclusion.

Now if Mariah Carrey and her husband didn't want to tell the world that they struggles with infertility I would be cool with that. But don't lie about it. Because that makes everyday people get the wrong idea about fertility. Just say "making babies is hard work and it paid off in the end." Done.

Some of you reading this might think I'm being judgmental or bitchy (I'm on fertility drugs sooooo yeah I would go with option B...) but sometimes in celebrity land things aren't always what they seem...

Remember Britney Spears and her famous virginity?  Did you catch her 18 year old butt in the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards strip dancing to "Did it Again"... I mean shit, she says right in the song "I'm not that innocent." And then a year later performing "Slave For You"???  I'm sorry, when a 19 year old is dancing on stage sexually molesting a python and wearing a harem outfit I feel like it's a natural step to question the status of her v-card.

Fun Fact: One night I literally got in a drunken argument with a roommate in college who adamantly stood by Britney's V-Card status... (And can I note that Britney's own mother outed her in a tell all book. Britney lost her "innocence" at the tender age of 14... Thanks Momma Spears!) My roommate was also a virgin... so I can see why she held onto that myth like a wolverine on heroin. But just because you're holding onto your own personal innocence doesn't mean you have to believe a harlot dressed in stripper shoes.

Speaking of jail bait in stripper shoes... Did anyone see Miley Cyrus taking a spin on a stripper pole whilst singing "Party in the USA" during the Teen Choice awards... (She even has a shout out to Britney in the song... I didn't even realize until I went to youtube to check out the clip... it was like Miley knew I would write this blog one day and gave me a present you guys!) If Miley goes on the record that she is a virgin I will be giving her the stink eye too. (Also, did anyone catch Billy Ray standing and clapping after Miley's pole dance??? So Proud. Hello Billy... you're supposed to keep your daughter OFF the pole... epic fail.)

OK so this blog went WAY off topic... The point is, Mariah can say whatever she wants and we don't have to believe her... It's great for people who can "naturally" get pregnant with twins at 40 plus... Kinda like the celebs that hate working out, eat anything they want, and still have rock hard abs, a tight ass, and wear a size 2. Just because celebrity's say something doesn't mean we have to believe it.

*This entire blog is my two cents and should not be considered factual. I am not a doctor and I don't personally know Mariah, Britney and/or Miley. But if they are reading this...

Hey Ya'll... Liar Liar pants on fire!   


  1. I couldn't have said it better!

  2. your bitch meter can be whatever you like when you are infertility meds!!!

    mariah is lying through her teeth and so are a few other celebs . . . here they have this perfect opportunity to be a spokesperson for infertility and bring light to a "taboo" disease- can't say I would do the same.

  3. Bahahahahaa! That's the funniest thing I've read all week! :P

  4. I don't buy the whole Mariah "I conceived naturally" baloney either. I recently put together a list of celebs in their late 30s (about the same age as me) who are currently pregnant (one has given birth already) and wonder how many of them did conceive without "intervention."

  5. Fantastic post...sorry I didn't get to it earlier this week.

    I love the last part where you address the liars directly!